Dr. Dipak Kulkarni
MD - Dermatology
22+ years experience
We at BuzyDr would like to thank Dr.Dipak Kulkarni (M.D Dermatology) , owner and Chief Dermatologist of Alok Clinic, Panvel who immensely supported us with his valuable time and relevant functional suggestions of an Dermatology OPD Clinic’s day to day functioning as well as Alok Clinic’s resources. In building of BuzyDr & CMS as a successful product, Dr. Dipak Kulkarni has played a key role and is continuously supporting to reach maximum Dermatologists across India. We are very indebted to Dr. Dipak Kulkarni & Alok Clinic for their enormous support. You can read more about Dr. Dipak Kulkarni & Alok Clinic along with his efforts for Clinic Automation by visiting here- http://alokclinic.com/home/office-automation